Experiential Programs

Residential Program

Our structured residential program gives our clients the opportunity to explore the rhythm of daily life in a safe, supportive environment, and to share a home with others who also have a desire to recover from addiction. Our compassionate and dedicated residential team members are on site at all times to ensure the physical and emotional safety of our resident community, to assist residents in adjusting to the Durango Recovery Center program components and daily schedule, and to facilitate activities which encourage wellness and a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 

Adventure and Recreation

 Our adventure and recreation program provides a context for residents to balance challenge, fun, personal growth, health, and camaraderie with moments of reflection and inspiration while exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Durango, the San Juan Mountains, and the Four Corners area. At Durango Recovery Center, our experienced and highly skilled adventure team is committed to tailoring activities to match the needs and abilities of our residents. Activities change according to season and include hiking, biking, horseback riding, camping, boating, fishing, skiing, snowshoeing, team-building, ropes and challenge course activities, and simply having fun exploring the beauty and culture this area has to offer.   

Cooking and Nutrition

Our talented and dedicated culinary staff take pride in the care and attention given to each meal served to our residents. Fresh ingredients are a staple, including organic, and local farm-to-table produce and meats whenever possible. Special consideration to the sourcing of our food translates into high quality, nutritious, and delicious dining experiences for the health and enjoyment of our residents. Nutrition is an important cornerstone of addiction recovery, as many persons struggling with addiction have also struggled to satisfy nutrition needs appropriately in the past. Getting a handle on routine self-care, self-control, and nourishing habits again, are at the foundation of long-lasting recovery. In addition to preparing and serving meals, our chefs are also passionate about sharing their skills and knowledge with our residents by integrating the culinary experience with nutritional education and cooking skills. During their time with us at Durango Recovery Center, residents have the opportunity to acquire meal planning, food shopping and cooking skills, as well as nutritional education.       

Community Support

We believe that community involvement and social engagement are essential to long-term recovery from addiction; therefore, we at Durango Recovery Center, help our clients identify and connect with community resources and supports, in order to prepare for long-term success after treatment. Community programs are tailored to the specific needs and goals of our residents, and may include identifying and attending appropriate support groups, exploring spirituality, preparing for employment or educational opportunities, engaging in volunteer work, or working with mentors in the community.